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Living In Your Home What Holidays Songs Make You Dance Around?   A house is a home when you feel as comfortable as Tom Cruise’s character in Risky Business. It was a risky business in the 80s to show you dancing around in your living room. LOL!   A classic home and staircase have been the backdrop for many amazing dance scenes from Beetlejuice to Risky Business to one of […]
Living In Your Home Indian Summer with Unique Fall Predictors It is incredible to think when people were asked five years ago where they wanted to be in an interview or conversation, that would have been predicted here. The changing of seasons can put this in perspective.   Indian Summer has Begun. The real estate market stays hot and steady through the start of the […]
Living In Your Home Back to the Old School Cribs, Our Love for Celebrity Homes With Cribs coming back to MTV , reestablishing our love for our stars and their crazy homes has come back to us from the good old 90s. Were you a fan of this MTV craze?  How do you categorize the top houses if you think about your favorite homes from MTV or HGTV? Millionaires, actors, and sports athletes’ […]
Living In Your Home Bellini, Daly, and Margarita With or Without Salt. Some of the new twists to our favorite classics. The summer is full of traditional summer nights with yummy family recipes and classic libations. The weather heats up, and our urge to create tasty, refreshing icy beverages seems to chirp inside us like the crickets, frogs, and possibly buzzin’ cicadas at night. Summer traditions start […]
Buying Your Home Get Cash Back When Buying Your House Really and Here is How! “Home is Where the Heart Is”     The stress of buying a house starts with the fact that it is the largest financial purchase in one’s lifetime. The purchase of a home usually is in the top three or five for most Americans. There are lots of great financial advice […]
Buying Your Home Yard #ERAEssentials Many clients MUST Haves in their new home usually include one of these phrases: 1.     A Yard 2.     Grass for My Dogs and Children 3.     Outdoor Space for Lounge Whatever you call it, it can make or break for most homebuyers when looking for a new home. Everyone wants the grass like the fields on Major League Baseball’s opening […]
Buying Your Home Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home! Tips on Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home! Finding a new home is easy with #teamERA, but unfortunately, moving into your home can find individuals in a very stressful state. The chaos and nervous energy affect our furry family as well. They know we are excited and anxious, so they likely feel the […]
Living In Your Home April Showers Bring May Flowers! Spring Cleaning is synonymous with April. We open our windows for fresh air and look outside to see our neighborhood’s blooming pops of colors. Having a home ready for the Spring is the same attribute as preparing your home for selling or what you desire when searching for your new home. Everyone thinks about Curb […]
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Living In Your Home Spring Cleaning: Selling Your Home It is no secret that Spring is coming, if we are ready or not. Are you prepared to sell your home? Spring is a great time to get everything to make the change. There are some great secrets to selling that everyone should know. The top three are below.   Secrets to Selling Your Home […]
Buying Your Home What is Your New Year’s Resolution for Your Home? Another way to have a resolution that will benefit you and your family can start with where you call home. It can be a family resolution for a cozy, safe, or new space. It can be organizing the mud room or buying your dream home this year. We know New Year’s resolutions are personal, just […]
Buying Your Home Where to Buy a Haunted House?   We all know the houses in our neighborhood that scare us as children. Even the White House is considered a haunted house in the United States. Could you live in a haunted house, and even more importantly, how much would you spend?   Haunted House on Sale Right Now: Six Houses in Ohio   1.     Springfield, […]
Living In Your Home Sweet Wings Recipes for the Fall Football Did You Know? The average American eats 90 chicken wings a year. As we approach fall, we thought we’d share some of our top recipes featuring chicken, vegan options, and air fryer cooking methods that incorporate honey. Wings are a common pastime during this time of year and can come in a variety of flavors. […]
Living In Your Home How to Stage a Backyard to Sell!   When people choose to buy a house, if a yard is on their wish list, you must show off your prospective property in a way that makes them love your backyard at first glance. As crucial to staging a house correctly, curb appeal and your yard can be your most significant selling point.   […]
Living In Your Home Cribs Edition Top Extravagant Vacation Homes! Cribs Edition Top Extravagant Vacation Homes!   Everyone’s idea of a great summer vacation home differs, but these homes are spa-like staycations—some people like water but not the sand. Many surveys ask if you like beaches or mountains better, but none of these properties below compromise on anything other than location. The 100% want list […]
Living In Your Home How do your traditions evolve in your home Family traditions can come from our ancestry over the generations. Our homelands can have very cool practices, like food, dancing, and games, as our families grow by numbers, geography, or a crazy situation we can not control. Sharing these traditions always makes our homes feel full of love.   Did you know about these creative […]
Living In Your Home A House is A Not Home Without… a house is not a home   A house is just a physical structure, while a home is lived-in (often by a family) and full of memories. Says Wiki.   Have you ever asked someone what makes their house their home?   Everyone has a preference for their living space and what makes it comfortable. It […]
Living In Your Home The Calming Hues of Blues in a Home! Did You Ever Notice How the Color of the Beach and the Color of Winter share the same color scheme? The color we love at the beach has the same color palette as the season that most people dread. We have all watched a House Hunter episode where the person is mortified by the color of in […]
Living In Your Home Steep, Cook, Pair Your Leaves! In honor of National Hot Tea Month!   Did you know?   Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. There are over 1,000 flavors. Hot Tea has influenced different countries’ cuisine for hundreds of years. Whether you follow the English or Chinese Customs’ brewing traditions or only microwave your tea, National Hot […]