Living In Your Home April 20, 2023

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Spring Cleaning is synonymous with April. We open our windows for fresh air and look outside to see our neighborhood’s blooming pops of colors. Having a home ready for the Spring is the same attribute as preparing your home for selling or what you desire when searching for your new home. Everyone thinks about Curb Appeal, but it is much more.


From Green to The Colors of Spring 

The color of a green yard is undeniably the first thing people see when coming to a home for the first time—using flowers to give a home a little pop of color outside with some well-placed perennials is a great idea. Better Homes and Garden offers you a list of their top favorite perennials to give you a Spring look that will make every house’s curb appeal better year after year.


Our Favorite Peony


The colors should not stop there. Adding a little pastel to the home’s interior is a great welcome to your guests.


How NOT to overdo Color


If you do not know how to match color, do not worry about HDTV and the internet; the experts can promptly bring even the most straightforward home buyer to a trendy setter. No one wants their home to look like a pastel Easter Egg. You can add subtle tones of color that still reflect Spring but make your home feel like you.


We liked this color advice the best. We are partial to some Red.



We have made the house visibly appealing. Do not forget to make sure it smells like a Bright Spring day. Air Ventilation is an essential aspect of a home. Proper insulation, airflow, and ventilation are vital to keeping heating and cooling bills at a minimum. Or you can do what everyone does in the Spring, open a window for ….


 A little Fresh Air

How a green home really “breathes.” Six Great Tips!

There is so much to understand when buying or selling a home. Why not make it easier with some help from us?


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