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The Pets That Provoke Our Purchases!

How Furry Friends Influence Our Purchases!

With the most extensive commercial ads coming our way in a couple of weeks, we are ready and waiting to see the next SuperBowl ads. Animals are always a large part of the ads spent for the big day.


Watching commercials might be a thing of the past for many, but the ad world still finds ways to attract their customer to the product lines, with over 5k ads in our face daily.


Last year, Scout was featured in a $6 million Super Bowl ad paid for by MacNeil, raising cancer awareness and urging viewers to donate to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine that saved his life.


Playing with our pets and caring for their needs is how we show our love when they give theirs unconditionally.  Saturday Night Live has a parody about our pet love and how it gets out of hand.


Watch here:


Pets are a part of the family and home. Every ad company knows that including your family member in an ad is a great way to pull at our emotional heartstrings.


Top Three SuperBowl Commercial that Does Just That:


1.    To make us buy their beer, Watch Budweiser Puppy Love!


2.    To make us eat our favorite snack, Watch Doritos When Pigs Fly!  


3.    To make us purchase a home, Watch US Bank No Dogs Allowed!



Did they make you cry? Watching your animals, family, and friends enjoy your new home makes your home purchase decision more validated. Families are made up of all shapes, sizes, and animals. Happy New Year!