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For over 50 years, ERA has been providing assistance to families. If you require guidance in navigating your real estate purchases, do not hesitate to reach out to our #teamERA. We are devoted to our community and family, and we extend the same level of commitment to our clients. If you are ready, please take a look at our buyer's checklist.
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At TeamERA, we strive to provide you with an abundance of checklists, tips, and insights related to the real estate industry. Our goal is to share our knowledge with you, and our agents are always available to assist you with any of your housing needs. Whether you're interested in buying or selling a home, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process, ensuring that you are able to enjoy the satisfaction of having a place to call home.

How Not to Jinx Your Move!

Did You Know?  It is good luck to find a cat at a wedding. But ironically, on a baseball field, it can depend on what team if it is a jinx or a blessing. New York Yankees went 16-3 after a cat got onto the field on August 3rd but the Baltimore Orioles went on 16 games losing streak […]

Recipe for Success

Frequently Asked Questions in the Real Estate Industry From the consumer side, buying or selling a home is an overwhelming task. It is a huge financial decision that affects the family directly. Most people do not take this decision lightly. It is sometimes a split decision to renovate their existing home or find a new […]

Homework For Buying a House

As the school year begins from college to elementary, we remember that planning for the first day of school takes preparation.  Purchasing a house is a considerable expense and decision for most. Researching homes is the start of the homework, but asking the right questions of those involved can make all the difference. From the final […]

Get Cash Back When Buying Your House

Really and Here is How! “Home is Where the Heart Is”     The stress of buying a house starts with the fact that it is the largest financial purchase in one’s lifetime. The purchase of a home usually is in the top three or five for most Americans. There are lots of great financial advice […]

Yard #ERAEssentials

Many clients MUST Haves in their new home usually include one of these phrases: 1.     A Yard 2.     Grass for My Dogs and Children 3.     Outdoor Space for Lounge Whatever you call it, it can make or break for most homebuyers when looking for a new home. Everyone wants the grass like the fields on Major League Baseball’s opening […]

Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home!

Tips on Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home! Finding a new home is easy with #teamERA, but unfortunately, moving into your home can find individuals in a very stressful state. The chaos and nervous energy affect our furry family as well. They know we are excited and anxious, so they likely feel the […]