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Homework For Buying a House

As the school year begins from college to elementary, we remember that planning for the first day of school takes preparation.  Purchasing a house is a considerable expense and decision for most. Researching homes is the start of the homework, but asking the right questions of those involved can make all the difference. From the final offer to the neighbors, doing homework on your dream home purchase is not only about the house wish list.


Three Things You Need to Know!


1.     Don’t Try to Time the Market

Waiting for the market to be ready for your perfect house will never give you your dream home. The dream home has nothing to do with timing. The best time to buy is when you find your perfect house, and you can afford it.


2.     The Prior Owner: Why did they purchase the home?

The home you purchase could have been someone’s dream home before they placed it on the market.  Why not ask them all the critical questions about the home you are about to buy from the person who loves it too?


3.     Make precise demands. Be upfront about extras, such as curtains, light fixtures, or appliances that you want included with the house. If it is included in the offer, you get what you want in the end. Your dream home means you need to do your homework to know what you want and need ahead of time.

Do you Love:

1.     your neighborhood?

2.     your community?

3.     helping others?

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