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Becoming A Realtor!

Realtor: a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land

What was your first occupation?

I am sure you remember memories from your first work experience. However, memories of this employment can leave stories for all the right or wrong reasons for years to come.

First Bad Job Memories:

1.     Scooping Rats Hair out of vats of chocolate

2.     Any restaurant job that starts with  “I was a dishwasher at….”

3. If you are unsure what a lousy job looks like, watch “The Devils Wear Prada.”



The median age for Realtors in the United States is 54.

The median age of the workforce in the United States is 43 years old.  The median age keeps going up every decade. Why are realtors still working at ages above the median age? It might be because the leading reasons people leave a job, retire, or move to another career do not issue for real estate agents.


Top Reason Why People Leave A Job:

1.     No Flexibility: Work-Life Balance

2.     Not Appreciated by their superior or customers

3.     The work is not exciting.

People think money or benefits is the driving reason for someone to leave a job. But, on the contrary, fulfillment to the community, work, and life is a leading reason people stay at a job.


Age over Beauty;

This phrase “age before beauty” means that old people should be served first, and the beautiful and young should be served or assisted later. However, it is mostly used by old people in a funny way to flatter the young people. A seasoned pro can make the difference when buying or selling a  home. The average income for a realtor working 20-40 hours is $46,000 a year. The real estate career allows you to work in the place you call home, for the community you love, and for as many of the years you choose.


Become A Realtor

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, helping others can be a gratifying experience. At ERA Real Solutions, we are committed to helping people fulfill their dreams by providing expert guidance and support throughout the home-buying process. As one of the top-10 ERA franchise systems brokerages, we take pride in our boutique approach, which has helped us achieve a 98.7% customer satisfaction rating. Our full-time agents are highly skilled and dedicated to providing the highest quality service, making us “The New Standard in Real Estate.” Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more!