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Yard #ERAEssentials

Many clients MUST Haves in their new home usually include one of these phrases:

1.     A Yard

2.     Grass for My Dogs and Children

3.     Outdoor Space for Lounge

Whatever you call it, it can make or break for most homebuyers when looking for a new home. Everyone wants the grass like the fields on Major League Baseball’s opening day. Here are some tips from the grass we all envy!


Green Essentials

1.     Kentucky Bluegrass

Sixteen MLB grass fields are made with Kentucky Bluegrass. In our hometown, Cincinnati, we mixed it up a bit. Ryegrass replaced Kentucky bluegrass on Cincinnati’s field in 2007, when a five-way blend was laid down before the season, with the grass a mixture of stuff called Exacta II, Fiesta IV, Linedrive GLS, Panther GLS, and SR4600. The original perennial ryegrass sod was used through 2012. When the Reds announced a new field of perennial ryegrass would debut in 2013, they noted it was grown at farms in southeastern Indiana.


2.      Let’s Learn from the Masters of Greens

Ironically most other baseball grass fields are made with the same green grass you will see on the fairways and greens in Augusta National in a few weeks. They use Bermuda.

 During the hot and humid Georgia summer, bermudagrass covers the landscape because of its heat tolerance characteristics (amongst other reasons).


3.     Because You Want Some Yard Crashers!

Here are some minor pointers on making your yard Green with Envy:

a.     Simply trimming and mowing of your yard can make all the difference. Tips!

b.     A place to lounge in your yard is essential. Best Lounge Chairs for Your Yard!

c.     Or, repot some plants.



How to Repot Plants