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What Holidays Songs Make You Dance Around?


A house is a home when you feel as comfortable as Tom Cruise’s character in Risky Business. It was a risky business in the 80s to show you dancing around in your living room. LOL!


A classic home and staircase have been the backdrop for many amazing dance scenes from Beetlejuice to Risky Business to one of our favorite holiday films, Home Alone.


But in February 2020, the advertising world decided to remake one of the classic dance sequences as an ad with new dancing youth and the same classic style. In this ad, Domino’s Pizza reminded us that funny memes on traditional favorites warm our homes and make us laugh.



However, this holiday season, since the world of TikTok, we have been encouraged and provoked to dance and show others our skills. It is no longer a risky business; it is how the internet has involved the world for over 40 years.




It is your choice to dance to your favorite songs or post them for all to see, but Christmas songs ring through our kitchens, dining room, and staircases during the holidays.  The best Christmas songs can be an argument at any table. Similar to if Die Hard is a Christmas movie but with data and the internet, and we have the answers. The Best 25 Christmas Songs of All Time courtesy of Spotify and the winner is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You!


Happy Holidays from ERA Real Solution’s Realty Family!