Living In Your HomeOur Communities August 13, 2023

Back to the Old School Cribs, Our Love for Celebrity Homes

With Cribs coming back to MTV , reestablishing our love for our stars and their crazy homes has come back to us from the good old 90s. Were you a fan of this MTV craze? 

How do you categorize the top houses if you think about your favorite homes from MTV or HGTV? Millionaires, actors, and sports athletes’ homes infuse their passion and need to make their houses into their homes. What makes a celebrity home unique? The location, the incredible space that it is used for, or just the size of the house in general.

Not sure what is on your top ten list, but here are some of our favorites.

Follow Your Passion; John Travolta

John Travolta’s Home in Florida is one of the best examples of including your home with your passion. John Travolta, the famous actor, is also a private pilot. The picture explains it all.



Love for Nature and Music; Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelly’s Treehouse and Studio

Location, Location, Location: If your creativity comes from nature or music, this unique home in the treetops of Nashville could be on your favorite top homes list.  With a recording studio, six buildings, and a view of the woods from the porch but majestic like a bald eagle, this epic space is splendid like a bald eagle.



The Vanderbilt Estate The Biltmore, Per Size Dominates


The Vanderbilts built this incredible estate in Asheville, NC, and it still sits on this fantastic southern plantation that comes right from The Great Gatsby area with a winery, 175,000 square feet, and took six years to build in 1895. Now, an incredible resort getaway in the mountains of North Carolina, The Biltmore is the largest estate in the United States by over 70,000 square feet.



Secret Room and TikTok


Our love for crazy things in a home isn’t only about size, location, or passion but can also be a unique aspect or feature in someone’s home. Neal Patrick Harris loves magic and created a secret doorway in one of his homes. But it is not only the celebrities that have unique features in their homes, and the trend #secretroom on #TikTok shows us all that everyone has a passion or unique personality that they add to their house to make it a home.