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How do your traditions evolve in your home

Family traditions can come from our ancestry over the generations. Our homelands can have very cool practices, like food, dancing, and games, as our families grow by numbers, geography, or a crazy situation we can not control. Sharing these traditions always makes our homes feel full of love.


Did you know about these creative and fantastic Easter traditions?


1.     Let’s Fly a Kite

Celebrating Easter is a weekend affair on the beautiful British island of Bermuda. According to Go to Bermuda, the island’s travel site, the festivities begin with the Good Friday KiteFest, which locals and visitors enjoy.


2.     Dressing in Costumes 

Some of us love getting dressed up, so why not include it in a fun way from these many countries that add customers to their Easter holiday?


Finland– traditionally dressed up as Easter witches, wearing colorful clothing with painted freckles on their cheeks.


Verges, Spain– To reenact scenes from the Passion, everyone dresses in skeleton costumes and parades through the streets. The procession ends with scary skeletons carrying boxes of ashes. The macabre dance begins at midnight and lasts three hours into the early morning.


Prizzi Sicily– “the Abballu de daivuli is a representation of devils from locals wearing terrifying masks of zinc and dressed in red robes,” according to The Telegraph. Those dressed in costume pester as many “souls” as possible (making them pay for drinks) before the afternoon when the Virgin Mary and the risen Christ save the day by sending the devils away with angels.



Don’t forget a fork if you’re in the southern French town of Haux on Easter Monday. According to Atlas Obscura, a giant omelet is served up in the town’s main square each year. And when we say giant, we mean huge: The omelet uses more than 15,000 eggs and feeds up to 1,000 people.



Easter has fun traditions of candy, bunnies, church, eggs, and family gatherings. Our family always does an egg toss to see the last pair standing to win the best leftovers to take home from grandmother’s house.