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Steep, Cook, Pair Your Leaves!

In honor of National Hot Tea Month!


Did you know?


Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. There are over 1,000 flavors. Hot Tea has influenced different countries’ cuisine for hundreds of years. Whether you follow the English or Chinese Customs’ brewing traditions or only microwave your tea, National Hot Tea Month is best celebrated with a cup. Courtesy of National Today.


Tea Leaves in a bag was a mistake.


Thomas Sullivan successfully marketed tea bags, after he sent his tea in silk bags to clients and they mistakenly steeped it in them


Particularly in the United States, black tea is one of the most common teas. However, the most popular tea in the world is Darjeeling. It is a black tea consumed in India daily but has a light, nutty flavor. Tea was so valuable in the 18th century that it was kept in a locked chest – which we now call a tea caddy.


From afternoon tea to the sniffles, tea is often paired with food. Biscuits, scones, or finger sandwiches can bring the flavors of our favorite tea leaves to life with every sip. Delish offers some different pairing for you to try. A weird must-try from the list: Buffalo Wings + Masala Chai. You can even cook with tea leaves. Two great recipes to start with are Black Tea Blondies and Earl Grey Plum Torte.


Because it is also National Hangover Month.


Kick it Up a Notch with a classic cocktail with tea leaves, the hot toddy. Honey, tea, and lemon with the dark liberation of your choice. This is a grandmother’s remedy for a cold in many generations. Great tips to make the best hot toddy are here.