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Cribs Edition Top Extravagant Vacation Homes!

Cribs Edition Top Extravagant Vacation Homes!


Everyone’s idea of a great summer vacation home differs, but these homes are spa-like staycations—some people like water but not the sand. Many surveys ask if you like beaches or mountains better, but none of these properties below compromise on anything other than location. The 100% want list is full of oasis and relaxing habitats inside and out.


Here are four types of homes in different environments.


1.   The Beach


The amount of beach homes I could list in this category is as immense as the ocean. This Canadian star Florida beach house is on every list when searching for fantastic beach homes.


Celine Dion Juniper Island Florida




2.   The Mountains


Mountains can be tranquil, like the sound of the ocean: the leaves rustling and the birds chirping as you wake up in the clouds of trees and sky.


Oprah’s Telluride


3.   The Water


Lake property has always been a desired location for its location to water the home. When people think of celebrity and lake property, they think of this powerhouse couple.


Amel and George Clooney’s Italy Lake Como Property


4.   The City:


In the middle of a city, this oasis comes from watching Netflix’s The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes in the episode for the country of Japan.


Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP



Do you have a favorite? Do you binge-watch HGTV shows because you are obsessed with real estate?




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