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Having Our Home Holiday Ready: Crib Edition


During the holidays, there are expectations about when to put up the Christmas tree, the best appetizer to bring, and what you can tackle before the holiday begins. From the smell of pies to the light twinking in the newly darkened sunset skies, the holidays come with fun, challenges, and the making of memories.

Things to Remember About Your Home Needs During the Holidays 

  1.  Start Now!

No matter how you spend your time, starting early and working towards your goal is excellent advice from The Spruce.   Some of us are procrastinators. Some of us are social butterflies. Time flies during the holiday season. If you plan now, the holidays can be exactly how you pictured, as perfect as the Hallmark Channel movie you wanted last night.

You shouldn’t plan a home renovation just because guests are coming. Still, if you’re already itching to get new appliances or replace your floors, the finite timeline that comes with holiday hosting might be the nudge you need to make those updates finally.

     2.  Declutter and Get Ready!

Pottery Barn has excellent tips and tricks for holiday fun in your home, and it brings us to one of the more important things we forget cleaning out the drawers for guests and decluttering in general. The irony is no one uses these items much anymore, but our memories sometimes hold us for decluttering. How can you declutter and keep the memory; Be Creative!

3.  Hire a Professional

Sometimes hiring someone who likes the holidays, knows the industry, or can help you navigate a crazy time is a great way to help you with the nerves on the holidays.  The holidays pull out our most potent memories of families, and moving from a house during this time can be even more stressful to pack your home during a time that evokes a large amount of happiness.  Having a family or team behind you and helping you find what you need to succeed during the holidays is essential.

Ordering dinner, hire a personal shopper and a realtor if you are selling your home during this holiday to make sure someone is on your side when finding a house that will give you the same feelings as you as the home you are selling.

TeamERA is here during the holidays or any time of the year to help our community deal with the changes that come with finding and selling your home.  We love the communities we call home, so we are happy to help families feel the same feelings they might miss.