Living In Your HomeSelling Your Home July 13, 2022

How to Stage a Backyard to Sell!


When people choose to buy a house, if a yard is on their wish list, you must show off your prospective property in a way that makes them love your backyard at first glance. As crucial to staging a house correctly, curb appeal and your yard can be your most significant selling point.


5 Tips to Success:


1.     Touch up the mulch. A simple way to make it clean and modern.


2.     Look at the Sun Patterns. If your yard is hot in the afternoon, ensure shade for your possible new buyers.


3.     Upgrade your shed- A cute shed can win the females’ purchase and have a lot of say in the purchase.


4.     Add Outdoor Lighting – Some solar-paneled outdoor lighting in the backyard can give a great touch.


5.     Realvitalize:  TeamERA uses our Realogy program to use money in the closing cost to help you make your backyard shine.


Using an ERA Real Solution agent, you have a professional to help you navigate staging your backyard to make every buyer’s wish list. The realvitalize program allows you to use funds from your seller’s budget at closing to revamp parts of your home to help it sell faster.