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Tips from the Best Remote Workers Around: Real Estate Agents

For agents, there tends to be great comfort in knowing they have an office to use should they desire.

Working remotely has its advantages, with location being no issue. Here are three tips from real estate pros about remote work.

Three Tips for Working from Anywhere!

1. Technology

The internet is an integral part of any business, and you’ll need it if you’re going to market in the real estate world. It is crucial for anyone who works remotely to have a reliable internet connection. When you are unable to meet with people in person, it becomes even more important to use conferencing technology to communicate with clients and team members. Being able to see their faces and talk through issues in real time can reduce the stress of relying solely on text and email communication while away from the office.


2. Be Organized

It’s crucial to stay organized no matter where you work. Being organized can help reduce the stress of working from different locations such as the beach, car or dining table. The most helpful tool to keep you organized is the calendar app on your phone or computer. Scheduling your time, and knowing when you can adjust things to accommodate new clients, calls or extra work, can help you manage last-minute requests effortlessly. No one wants to look at the clock at 4 PM and wonder where the day went, so staying organized is key.


Bonus Tip:

Do you have an appointment-based job? Apps like Calendly can help customers sign up for open slots on your calendar without the back-and-forth emails.


3. Bring Supplies and Plan Ahead

How many times have you found yourself procrastinating on an important task, even from the comfort of your own home? Maybe because you can’t find the right pen, the room temperature isn’t quite right, someone interrupts you, or you need a drink refill. Remote workers need to be prepared to tackle any situation that may arise during the day. You may not understand why they have a wine opener in their work bag, carry granola bars, or own a charger for every phone. But being ready for anything is how they get things done. These three tips are the key to success, whether you’re taking a client call in your car or attending back-to-back meetings while at the beach. Providing excellent service to your clients, regardless of your location, is how realtors have been doing it for years, helping them to secure the keys to their dream homes.

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