Buying Your Home How Not to Jinx Your Move! Did You Know?  It is good luck to find a cat at a wedding. But ironically, on a baseball field, it can depend on what team if it is a jinx or a blessing. New York Yankees went 16-3 after a cat got onto the field on August 3rd but the Baltimore Orioles went on 16 games losing streak […]
Our Communities The Pets That Provoke Our Purchases! How Furry Friends Influence Our Purchases! With the most extensive commercial ads coming our way in a couple of weeks, we are ready and waiting to see the next SuperBowl ads. Animals are always a large part of the ads spent for the big day.   Watching commercials might be a thing of the past […]
Living In Your Home What Holidays Songs Make You Dance Around?   A house is a home when you feel as comfortable as Tom Cruise’s character in Risky Business. It was a risky business in the 80s to show you dancing around in your living room. LOL!   A classic home and staircase have been the backdrop for many amazing dance scenes from Beetlejuice to Risky Business to one of […]
Buying Your Home Recipe for Success Frequently Asked Questions in the Real Estate Industry From the consumer side, buying or selling a home is an overwhelming task. It is a huge financial decision that affects the family directly. Most people do not take this decision lightly. It is sometimes a split decision to renovate their existing home or find a new […]
Join Us Becoming A Realtor! Realtor: a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land What was your first occupation? I am sure you remember memories from your first work experience. However, memories of this employment can leave stories for all the right or wrong reasons for years to come. First Bad Job […]
Buying Your Home Homework For Buying a House As the school year begins from college to elementary, we remember that planning for the first day of school takes preparation.  Purchasing a house is a considerable expense and decision for most. Researching homes is the start of the homework, but asking the right questions of those involved can make all the difference. From the final […]
Living In Your Home Indian Summer with Unique Fall Predictors It is incredible to think when people were asked five years ago where they wanted to be in an interview or conversation, that would have been predicted here. The changing of seasons can put this in perspective.   Indian Summer has Begun. The real estate market stays hot and steady through the start of the […]
Join Us Show Me The Money; Recruiting Real Estate Agents The time real estate agents hear Show Me the Money, like the screen in Jerry McGuire, is more than most people can handle. However, the clientele works with their life’s most significant purchase or sale. Yelling louder and louder for your client to get everything on their wish list makes the best real estate agents.   At ERA Real […]
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Living In Your Home Back to the Old School Cribs, Our Love for Celebrity Homes With Cribs coming back to MTV , reestablishing our love for our stars and their crazy homes has come back to us from the good old 90s. Were you a fan of this MTV craze?  How do you categorize the top houses if you think about your favorite homes from MTV or HGTV? Millionaires, actors, and sports athletes’ […]
Join Us We are growing in Florida! AWARD-WINNING ERA BROKER CONTINUES GROWING SOUTHWEST FLORIDA MARKET SHARE WITH FOURTH SUNSHINE STATE MERGER Addition of Boutique firm in Fort Myers Beach bolsters Ohio referral corridor. Fort Myers Beach, FL (July 13, 2023) – ERA Real Solutions Realty based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has joined forces with Fort Myers Beach, Fla., brokerage Lahaina Realty. This marks […]
Living In Your Home Bellini, Daly, and Margarita With or Without Salt. Some of the new twists to our favorite classics. The summer is full of traditional summer nights with yummy family recipes and classic libations. The weather heats up, and our urge to create tasty, refreshing icy beverages seems to chirp inside us like the crickets, frogs, and possibly buzzin’ cicadas at night. Summer traditions start […]
Buying Your Home Get Cash Back When Buying Your House Really and Here is How! “Home is Where the Heart Is”     The stress of buying a house starts with the fact that it is the largest financial purchase in one’s lifetime. The purchase of a home usually is in the top three or five for most Americans. There are lots of great financial advice […]
Buying Your Home Yard #ERAEssentials Many clients MUST Haves in their new home usually include one of these phrases: 1.     A Yard 2.     Grass for My Dogs and Children 3.     Outdoor Space for Lounge Whatever you call it, it can make or break for most homebuyers when looking for a new home. Everyone wants the grass like the fields on Major League Baseball’s opening […]
Buying Your Home Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home! Tips on Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home! Finding a new home is easy with #teamERA, but unfortunately, moving into your home can find individuals in a very stressful state. The chaos and nervous energy affect our furry family as well. They know we are excited and anxious, so they likely feel the […]
Join Us Tips from the Best Remote Workers Around: Real Estate Agents For agents, there tends to be great comfort in knowing they have an office to use should they desire. Working remotely has its advantages, with location being no issue. Here are three tips from real estate pros about remote work. Three Tips for Working from Anywhere! 1. Technology The internet is an integral part of […]
Living In Your Home April Showers Bring May Flowers! Spring Cleaning is synonymous with April. We open our windows for fresh air and look outside to see our neighborhood’s blooming pops of colors. Having a home ready for the Spring is the same attribute as preparing your home for selling or what you desire when searching for your new home. Everyone thinks about Curb […]
Living In Your Home Spring Cleaning: Selling Your Home It is no secret that Spring is coming, if we are ready or not. Are you prepared to sell your home? Spring is a great time to get everything to make the change. There are some great secrets to selling that everyone should know. The top three are below.   Secrets to Selling Your Home […]
Our Communities The March Madness of Spring If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. Is there any truth to this saying? Weather folklore sayings are as colorful as our imagination. But if you agree with the Farmer’s Almanac or not, most people start stirring just like the hibernating animals for the warmth of the spring […]
Join Us Is A Real Estate Career for you? Team ERA has designed some great tests to determine if becoming a realtor is the right career for you. By taking short quizzes, you can experience a day in the life of a real estate professional, which will help you determine if this might be a career for you. Take these three quizzes to see […]
Our Communities Winterizing Those Chili Days! It seems that all we can think of is spring and summer unless you love the snow, hockey, Go Columbus Blue Jackets, or winter activities in the crisp, pure air with six more weeks of winter. The best way to soothe this feeling for or against the fluffy white snow is to know what winter essentials […]