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We, at TeamERA, have several years of experience in the real estate industry and collaborate with excellent vendors to develop outstanding programs that assist our communities in finding successful opportunities in buying and selling houses. We cordially invite you to explore what we have to offer.

With RealVitalize, you can make home improvements before selling to increase profits and speed up the selling process.

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Preferred Partners

Throughout your real estate journey, our trusted partners will assist you with all your title, insurance, and banking needs.

If you're planning to sell your home, having an ERA agent by your side is crucial for a successful experience. Our agents possess extensive knowledge of the local community and the real estate market. They specialize in real estate and homes for sale, ensuring that they meet your specific needs when selling your home.

Having Our Home Holiday Ready: Crib Edition

  During the holidays, there are expectations about when to put up the Christmas tree, the best appetizer to bring, and what you can tackle before the holiday begins. From the smell of pies to the light twinking in the newly darkened sunset skies, the holidays come with fun, challenges, and the making of memories. […]

Sweet Wings Recipes for the Fall Football

Did You Know? The average American eats 90 chicken wings a year. As we approach fall, we thought we’d share some of our top recipes featuring chicken, vegan options, and air fryer cooking methods that incorporate honey. Wings are a common pastime during this time of year and can come in a variety of flavors. […]

Back-to-School List: Become A Realtor

Why Becoming a Realtor Might be On Your Back-to-School List?   Now that we have a newfound love for our teachers and schools that hold our children during the day, not every parent is ready for an empty home each day. Families are expensive, and your family comes first, but being a realtor in your […]

Tips for Selling Your Home During the Fall

As the school year starts again and the Friday Night Lights shine across the evening horizon, the list of things you must prepare during this time seems longer than the summer nights.   Changing the leaves brings some great sales and opportunities in real estate ventures.   Selling your home before the holiday and winter […]

Closing to Keys To-Do List.

There is so much to do when buying a house.   ERA Real Solutions Realty has created a buyer’s closing checklist. The list of things you need from close to getting the key to your new home. At the most exciting part of the process, there are a lot of errands and things you must […]

How do your traditions evolve in your home

Family traditions can come from our ancestry over the generations. Our homelands can have very cool practices, like food, dancing, and games, as our families grow by numbers, geography, or a crazy situation we can not control. Sharing these traditions always makes our homes feel full of love.   Did you know about these creative […]