Our Communities December 12, 2021

Coming Home for the Holidays: Cribs Edition

Coming home for the holidays can be anything from the traditions, the smells from the kitchen, and the movie we watch together snuggled in the living room.  In homage to the film we watch year after year, the top three movie holiday homes are here. Let’s check them out.


1.     The Classic


A Christmas Story: Cleveland, Ohio


It’d better be good if a movie house is worth watching for 24 hours every holiday. We love the vintage charm of this traditional home, with its large front window—perfect for displaying significant awards—and its cozy flow between the kitchen and living room. It has a massive bathroom for using your little Orphan Annie decoder pin. Bonus: The house is a museum you can visit.      


2.     The Iconic


Home Alone: Winnetka, Illinois


The Macalister house had booby traps in every room, making Home Alone the most iconic holiday home. Making sure Kevin was safe from the burglaries is on our minds the whole movie. So along with hoping his parents make it across the country to save him, John Hughes reminds us that Kevin is having fun protecting the house. Onto John Hughes’s other holiday masterpiece…


3.     The Brightest


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Burbank, Los Angeles (actual location)


John Hughes has many of our hearts in many classic movies. But his National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of the brightest literal movies of the holiday season as we watch Clark play with Christmas lights gleaming to be the funniest and most brilliant moment of the holiday movie season. And don’t forget the slippery racers’ spark going down the hill.  


But Do We Dare to Ask?  Is Diehard a Christmas Movie?


Happy Holidays!