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Scariest Home: Haunted Cribs Edition

Well, a plantation by any other name is just a farm.

But it does roll off the tongue a little sweeter, doesn’t it?

                                       -Bobby Rae Sweet Home Alabama


Located in the United States, this home is notorious for its haunting history. Although it may be classified as a plantation or farm, the main draw for potential buyers is the high number of ghosts per square foot. Whether or not this aligns with your home-buying preferences is a matter of personal choice.


Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA


Famous Ghost: Chloe (seen by the arrow below)



Some say nine different ghosts walk the grounds of the Louisiana bed-and-breakfast. Love to be scared? You can tour and visit this house if you want to confirm its claim as the Scariest Home in the United States.


Ohio: Franklin Castle: Cleveland, Ohio


Famous Ghost: Each floor is haunted by another family member of the Tiedemann Family


This castle would be an example if there were ever a time to believe an object could be cursed. Forget the haunting aspect; every person who has lived here dies or goes mad. Pick one; the history can suggest either. It is currently being divided into multi-family dwellings. Buyers and Renters Beware!


Florida: The Riddle House, West Palm Beach


Famous Ghost: Joseph



This house wants to be left alone. After being converted from a funeral home, the Riddle family purchased the house, and Joseph worked for them. He committed suicide in the attic that is padlocked now for tours. However, it is said that even the kitchen and bedrooms have other spirits like Joseph who do not want you there. You can also visit this location; the house is in the middle of Yesteryear Village, a living museum at the South Florida Fairgrounds with over 20 carefully maintained buildings preserving this area’s history and ghosts.


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