Buying Your Home May 9, 2022

First Steps to Buying a Home!

Buying a home can be stressful. First Time Homebuyers or not, trends in society can be unpredictable, but if you start with this list as a guideline, the process becomes a checklist for each stage of the purchasing process.


How to Get to A Contract on a House?  


Here are the things you need to do to succeed:




People like to skip one or all of these steps. Ultimately these three tasks give you the best approach to finding a home.


  • Get Finances in order: Do you honestly know your credit score or monthly expenses?
  • Obtain a pre-approval for a mortgage: Setting realistic expectations starts here.
  • Pick a real estate agent: It takes a village and a villager who knows how.


Start the Search


The internet has given us a fall sense of expectations regarding shopping. Unfortunately, these steps can take longer than your Amazon Prime orders. 


  • Have an agent schedule showing: Some listings only make it to realtors. 
  • Find your dream home: Finding a home has some compromises.


Make an offer


Making an offer does not mean you will hear “yes.” This stage might be repeated more than any of us like during the purchasing process.


  • Review Contract and Terms: Please read a legal document.
  • Negotiate purchase price: No one likes no, but “yes” would be a reason to ask.
  • Choose a Title Company: Ask your realtor for a referral.
  • Shop for Home Insurance Options: Start with your rental insurance company.
  • Prepare for the down payment/earnest money: Be able to have the funds accessible.
  • Choose Target Closing Date: Make it work for you.
  • Sign the Offer: Best Part

Under Contract


This is the checklist needed before you can close, divide and conquer.


  • Deliver Escrow Check: Running an errand.
  • Secure a home loan: Unless you are paying in cash, critical step.
  • Acquire home insurance and send proof to the lender: Follow the directions.
  • Schedule a home inspection: Real estate agent can help with this.
  • Order an Appraisal: Get the information before this stage to have it ready.
  • Conduct a Title Search: The title defines your property in a legal document.
  • Verify Funds for Closing: Cart Review
  • Schedule Closing: The Deadline


Our checklist can help but sometimes, having a trusted professional who has the experience and a team selling homes for over 50 years on your side makes this checklist come with a seasoned coach.


Contact ERA Real Solutions to help you find your next home.